You don’t find many as nice as this, and certainly not in their original boxes! It was made by Souvizon, Palas & Cie of Oloron-Ste Marie. This suit is made of the heaviest cloth I’ve ever felt used for a suit. It must be 24, 25 Oz or so. Overcoat fabric, really. Everything about this suit points towards the 1920s. Jacket has amazing displaced shoulder seams. Beautiful cinch-back trousers. Absolutely fantastic, and soon to move on to his new home with my good friend Ben.

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I’ve inserted a new page, called Selling. to advertise the stuff I’ll be selling on eBay. I’ll add stuff to the page from now on a couple days in advance of listing, so that if you’re interested in buying them out of the eBay system (better for me to avoid the fees!!), you can contact me. There are 3 great rare old caps up there now that end tonight … Click link below.

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