Here’s a pair of work trousers that I’m selling on eBay right now I thought I’d posted these here before, but apparently not. They’re very old, and made of extremely heavy black/grey herringbone wool. They’re pleatless, button flied, and to be worn with suspenders. Awesome.


HerringboneWorkTrousers1 HerringboneWorkTrousers2 HerringboneWorkTrousers5 HerringboneWorkTrousers3 HerringboneWorkTrousers4 HerringboneWorkTrousers7 HerringboneWorkTrousers6 HerringboneWorkTrousers8 HerringboneWorkTrousers10 HerringboneWorkTrousers9


Not fair that description, really. The fabric these trousers are made of is one of the oldest known patterns around. Apparently some archaeological artifacts were found near Hadrian’s Wall (built by the Romans to hold the Scottish Hordes at bay in the second century AD) were found wrapped in a fabric very much like this one. It’s now known as the Shepherd’s/Borders Check or Northumberland Tartan, and is my favourite pattern of all, upon which all the gun clubs fabrics and many of the Scottish District Checks were based. These trousers are from the 1950s, and feature very narrow cuffs compared to the normal trousers of the era – very stylish and youthful in the day. Remarkably they are Australian (found in a Perth charity shop) … don’t find much Australian vintage around. They have a Hollywood waist (no waistband) and nice narrow belt loops.

ShepherdsCheckTrousers1 ShepherdsCheckTrousers3 ShepherdsCheckTrousers2 ShepherdsCheckTrousers4


ShepherdsCheckTrousers5 SpongebobPegPants4 SpongebobPegPants5

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