There aren’t many companies outside of Japan producing really high quality stuff that the vintage enthusiast might be interested in buying. Simon James Cathcart is one of them. A small London brand, and a good friend of Baron Kurtz Vintage, Simon is putting out some really excellent, interesting stuff.

He’s currently offering an exceptional Christmas deal on his Submariner Sweaters – Just £99. I’ve seen these in person and they’re a fantastic version of the iconic submariner sweater. Available in blue or cream, with or without the patch, so here is some egregious marketing. Snap ’em up! Check out his other offerings. The wabash stripe goods are fantastic!


Here’s the link for your Submariner Sweaters:




This wonderful, very heavy 1920s sweater was made by A. G. Spalding Bros, one of the premier and legendary American sportswear manufacturers. They provide basketballs for the NBA, for example. The body is too long for me (they were cut long – the arms are perfect – but I prefer them shorter in the body), so I turn up the waistband for a waist-length sweater. The deep arm and waistband hem ribbing is to die for.

[EDIT] It’s been pointed out to me that the zip codes like the one on the owner’s label were not in use until 1963. So, this very old sweater was still in use in the 1960s or later, or was bought new at that time.

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