I don’t buy much vintage reproduction gear, but I usually like Levi’s Vintage Clothing lines. I typically can’t afford them, though, so when I find them in charity shops, I’m chuffed. I came across this shirt today in my local Sue Ryder shop. It’s a cotton chinstrap work-type shirt that LVC release under the “Sunset” brand. This (according to the label) was a sample and not supposed to be sold … weird that it found its way into a charity shop! I think these retail at around £150 or so, so for £3.95 it’s a great deal.

SunsetShirt1 SunsetShirt2 SunsetShirt3 SunsetShirt4 SunsetShirt5


Here’s a great cableknit shirt from the 1950s. The raglan-style sleeves and 2.75″ ribbed waistband makes this a very attractive shirt.

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