I’ve whined before about 1920s super skinny cut suits, the “cult-of-youth” reaction to the end of WWI. Well, the reaction of men’s fashion to WWIIs end was equally unfavourable to small men like me. But this time, the exact opposite to the 20s fashion. As illustrated in this wonderfully propagandising GGG Clothes catalogue from 1947, late 1940s men’s fashion was all about massive lines. Massive shoulders, baggy and draped chest and long-line jackets with much less waist suppression that their predecessors. Were a short man to wear these suits, he would look like he’d raided his dad’s closet. Awful styles for short men, as I’ve found to my horror. It’s a pity, as I really love the bold fabrics that were popular. But the shoulders are always so gigantic!



GGG_Clothes_1947_Pg3_4 GGG_Clothes_1947_Pg5_6 GGG_Clothes_1947_Pg7_8 GGG_Clothes_1947_Pg9_10 GGG_Clothes_1947_Pg11_12 GGG_Clothes_1947_Pg13_14

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