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You don’t find many as nice as this, and certainly not in their original boxes! It was made by Souvizon, Palas & Cie of Oloron-Ste Marie. This suit is made of the heaviest cloth I’ve ever felt used for a suit. It must be 24, 25 Oz or so. Overcoat fabric, really. Everything about this suit points towards the 1920s. Jacket has amazing displaced shoulder seams. Beautiful cinch-back trousers. Absolutely fantastic, and soon to move on to his new home with my good friend Ben.

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Without a doubt, my favourite thing about pre-1960s vintage menswear is the huge variety of weaves from pretty boring to batshit crazy. While not in the upper end of the crazy, the diamond weave is amongst those strident weaves that have fallen from general favour. This late 1930s/early 40s jacket is made of very large diamond weave stuff in cream and brown “oatmeal” colours. Super size the images to get a clear view of the cloth … The fabric is super soft, almost feels like cashmere. Love the “tulip” breast pocket!

DiamondTweed1 DiamondTweed2 DiamondTweed3 DiamondTweed4 DiamondTweed5 DiamondTweed6

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