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This early work jacket is made of extremely rugged and heavy deep blue wool fabric. Rough as guts, this stuff.The small lapels are both finishe with a buttonhole. I’ve seen this type of jacket marketed as being workwear for the Railways, often featuring British rail buttons. This one, however, has the kind of standard buttons you’d find on a cheap suit of the day. The remains of the paper label are very much of the size and type you’d find on pretty much all British workwear back in the day …

RailwaysJacket1 RailwaysJacket3 RailwaysJacket2 RailwaysJacket5 RailwaysJacket4 RailwaysJacket7 RailwaysJacket6


This jacket is made of the most amazing soft herringbone fabric in brown tones with white and orange stripes breaking up the herringbone. The jacket probably dates to the early 1930s. The shape of the lightly padded shoulders and only very slightly displaced shoulder seams are indicative. There are two small pretty unremarkable cutters labels – one inside the interior breast pocket, the other in one of the hip pockets. Seems like this was probably quite a cheap/utility type jacket. At some point it made its way into the BBC Bristol wardrobe. The buttons are beautiful!

BritishHerringboneSportscoat1 BritishHerringboneSportscoat2 BritishHerringboneSportscoat3 BritishHerringboneSportscoat4 BritishHerringboneSportscoat5 BritishHerringboneSportscoat7 BritishHerringboneSportscoat6

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