Teens/20s British suit – H. J. Tutty, Reading

Well, this is one of the jewels of my collection. I can’t overstate how rare it is to find a suit like this. This is an absolutely glorious suit, made in Reading in the late 19-teens or early 1920s. The jacket is very Edwardian in style, high buttoning with 4 buttons to close, small notch lapels, shoulder seams very displaced in the old style, a long rear vent, front facings that extend into the upper chest/shoulder region, and quite but not overly fitted. I love the double top-stitching all around the edges of the jacket and waistcoat, a classic feature of the era. The trousers are flat fronted with a very high rise, “fishtail” back, taped top edge, and narrow cuffs with permanent turn-ups. The suspender buttons bear the brand of the tailor. The suit is made of classic blue serge, and was made by H. J. Tutty of Reading, who were a firm of credit tailors. With only a few scattered moth holes and a bit of wear to the bottom of the trouser cuffs, this is a truly exceptional example of a suit that’s almost 100 years old. It pains me to sell this suit, but it’s just too big for me. I’ll update this post later today with the link to the ebay auction for this suit. Done – the ebay item number is 301827125639, and the link is here:1920s Tutty suit eBay

TuttySuit1 TuttySuit2 TuttySuit3 TuttySuit4 TuttySuit5 TuttySuit6 TuttySuit7 TuttySuit8 TuttySuit9 TuttySuit10

I almost forgot the bus ticket! This ticket from the Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd. was (after much research in the lower depths of bus ticket enthusiast websites) issued in the 1960s. 5 and 7! That’s a bloody expensive bus ticket. must’ve been a very long journey or a season ticket, I guess. Anyhow, this suit was still being worn in the 60s!


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  1. Sean Longden said:

    That is quite amazing. Lovely label as well.

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