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There are some things in the vintage world that you don’t see very often. British belted back sports jackets are one of those things. As rare as it’s possible to imagine. This one is really lovely. A lightweight cotton twill jacket in cream, with a belted back and four pleats secured by the belt. The 3 large patch pockets are very utilitarian. Is it correct to call this a sports jacket, or is it more of a work jacket? I can see someone rambling in this! It was probably made by the British company “Anglocrat”, based on the label which is very similar to the label in a pair of vintage Anglocrat cotton shorts I own. Dating is difficult. The lack of a side body in the jacket would suggest an earlier rather than later date. The shank buttons are fantastic on this jacket! In size 40, this is a really great find, and will be sent to eBay in the next couple of days …

CottonBritishBeltBack1 CottonBritishBeltBack3 CottonBritishBeltBack4



The label in the jacket:


And here’s the label from the anglocrat shorts




A nice plain silk tie. This features a silk band at the neck area, apparently to allow the tie to slide easily between the folds of a stiff collar (thanks Marc Chevalier for this info).


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