1940s British Leather Utility Jacket

This jacket was, according to the son of the original owner, bought in the middle 1940s. The very odd use of an Air Ministry zipper in this civilian jacket fits well with that date. These zippers were made by Dot, and were marked with AMC and the Crown to identify them as zippers made for Air Ministry contracts so that use for civilian purposes could be tracked and stopped. Lightning made similar “AM Crown” zips but they were very different in style. It’s made of very heavy sheepskin, typical of British jackets of the era, and atypically the leather is not destroyed. This is in great wearable condition, still with nice stretch in the waistband elastic. The underarm ventilation grommets are a nice touch. It’s lined in heavy cotton flannel and is perfect for Autumn and Spring!

DotCrownA1Leather-1 DotCrownA1Leather-2 DotCrownA1Leather-6 DotCrownA1Leather-3 DotCrownA1Leather-4 DotCrownA1Leather-7 DotCrownA1Leather-5


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