1920s (1923) Sri Lankan White Wool Twill Jacket

As if 1920s gear wasn’t rare enough, 1920s Colonial wear is rare to the nth degree, especially in good condition. This jacket is fashioned out of white twill wool, and lined in white silesia. It was made in Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) 1923 (see label in last pic) for one H. V. Stroud, by the major department store “Cargill’s”. It has a typically early 1920s silhouette and style with 2 closely set and rather high positioned buttons, and high gorge “fishmouth” peak lapels. The shoulders are unpadded, the only shaping being provided by some cotton sleevehead wadding. The arms are cut to an older pattern, the shoulder seams are extremely backward sloping as is typical of older tailoring, and the front facings extend into the upper chest & shoulder area, another feature that appears increasingly more as you go back in time.

This perfectly wearable jacket will form a solid part of my summer wardrobe.

CargillsCottonJacket1 CargillsCottonJacket2 CargillsCottonJacket3 CargillsCottonJacket4 CargillsCottonJacket5 CargillsCottonJacket6 CargillsCottonJacket7 CargillsCottonJacket8


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