Cap – Queen’s College Taunton, 1919.

This remarkable little cap (well, not so little at UK size 7 1/4) just came into my possession at a price I couldn’t refuse. I have a soft spot for these old school/college caps. This one I believe is from Queen’s College in Taunton, Somerset. The QC embroidery, the black and gold school colours, and the Weston-Super-Mare clothier would be right for this college. If anyone can confirm or contradict, feel free to post. I’m always happy to be corrected! Hand embroidered “QC” and “1919”.


The cap has a seriously interesting shape – the rear panels are longer than the front, giving an interesting look when worn. It reminds me most of the Australian cricket “Baggy Green”.  QC1919Cap2 QC1919Cap3 QC1919Cap4 QC1919Cap5


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