German Lederkombi – late 1940s

One of the great things about the German leather industry back in the day was their continued use of very old styles well into the post-WWII era, meaning that there are plentiful examples of old style jackets in many sizes. The kombis are rarer, and usually sell for very high prices.

This leather motorcycle suit (lederkombi) was purchased in either 1948 or 1949. I bought it from the original owner and he couldn’t quite remember the exact date. It’s made of wonderful dark brown goatskin and is in awesome condition. It even fits me! The jacket is perhaps the most iconic of all German leather jacket styles – very Rocketeer – with a twinned row of leather “football” buttons. The waist features cinch belts. The rear of the jacket is cut very much like a Victorian/Edwardian era jacket, or military tunic. The trousers are cut like jodhpurs, very full indeed through the thighs and tight to the calves, which fasten with 2 WWII-era ZIPP zippers (countermarked DRP Nürnberg). The leather is double layered at inner knees and seat.

LederKombi1 LederKombi2

How I usually fasten the jacketLederKombi3 LederKombi4 LederKombi5 LederKombi6 LederKombi7 LederKombi8

LederKombi9 LederKombi10 LederKombi11 LederKombi13 LederKombi12


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