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Another awesome British cap from the 1940s. This is made of a fantastic houndstooth tweed in earthy greens, browns and creams, and was sold by Geo. Orme & Sons of Ilkeston, a town near Nottingham. It annoys me no end that this is several sizes too big for me!

GeoOrme1940sCap1 GeoOrme1940sCap2 GeoOrme1940sCap3 GeoOrme1940sCap4 GeoOrme1940sCap8 GeoOrme1940sCap5 GeoOrme1940sCap6 GeoOrme1940sCap7


This is another of the 1930s belted back suits I’ve owned that just didn’t fit. What a bummer. It’s made of a very conservative worsted suiting, unlike the typical sporty fabrics I expect from belted back suits. This is awesome. It was made by JJ Kirk of Barnesville and Martin’s Ferry, Ohio. I really love the very green buttons that contrast well with the dark blue of the suit.

BluePinstripeBeltBackDB1 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB2 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB8 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB7 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB6 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB3 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB4 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB5 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB10 BluePinstripeBeltBackDB9

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