Optimo Straw – Pre-1936

I picked this straw hat up from a junk stall at Angel several years ago. I finally got around to cleaning off the old stains and mildew today. It was made by the famous Lincoln Bennett hatmakers, sometime before 1936. The last time we had a King and a Prince of Wales was January 19th 1936. Allowing a little time for using up old sweatbands, there’s no way this hat could have been made after the spring of 1936, and I suspect earlier. A beautiful straw hat in the popular “Optimo” crown shape, with a pronounced central seam. It’s not the highest quality straw hat by today’s standards – at 16 horizontal x 20 vertical weaves per inch – but a nice old one all the same, and still very supple … and for a tenner, who’s complaining?

LincolnBennettStraw1 LincolnBennettStraw2 LincolnBennettStraw3 LincolnBennettStraw4 LincolnBennettStraw5


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