“RAF Blue” 1930s British Flannel 3-piece Suit

Most British vintage suits I find from the 1940s and earlier are in sober dark blue worsteds, sometimes with pinstripes. It’s rare to find flannel, and even rarer to find a suit in a light colour. This particular one probably dates to the 1930s (There’s no watch pocket to the trousers. Almost all 40s suits would have a watch pocket, usually wide and flapped, below the waistband on the right side. In the 30s this was less common). It’s made of a beautiful shade of grey/blue, almost RAF blue in hue, flannel and has cream/white chalkstripes. The fabric feels much higher in quality than the typical British suiting, and is extremely well made. The jacket has hard square shoulder pads, and lots of drape in the chest – another late 30s indicator, along with the tightly clustered and relatively high set closure buttons and lapel shape. The trousers have side adjustor straps, a nice feature which while relatively common is by no means the standard configuration for British trousers. There are no maker’s labels but it’s really a fantastic, very high quality, suit that I wish fit me, but it’s too long.

BlueChalkstripeBritSB1 BlueChalkstripeBritSB2 BlueChalkstripeBritSB3 BlueChalkstripeBritSB10 BlueChalkstripeBritSB9 BlueChalkstripeBritSB4 BlueChalkstripeBritSB5 BlueChalkstripeBritSB6 BlueChalkstripeBritSB7 BlueChalkstripeBritSB8


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