1930s Two-Tone Tweed “Hollywood” Jacket

This is probably my favourite sportscoat for a brisk spring or autumn day. Light but warm, the combination of cream/beige and robust windowpane tweed is fantastic. It was probably made in the 1930s, and probably for a teenager. Lucky me to be a size 35S, to be able to find this stuff! It’s unlined but for a little bit of acetate/celanese in the upper back, and there are no maker’s labels. The buttons on this are great. I’m not sure what they’re made of … some form of early plastic, probably. Certainly not corozo.

TweedTwoToneHollywood1 TweedTwoToneHollywood2 TweedTwoToneHollywood3 TweedTwoToneHollywood4 TweedTwoToneHollywood5 TweedTwoToneHollywood6 TweedTwoToneHollywood7

  1. Paul Roberts said:

    What ho Baron, Mr “nightandthecity” here. I’m enjoying your excellent blog very much – the good bits of the FL without all the meaningless chit chat and interminable “here’s a pic of my brand new Aero” posts. We must meet up someday, I plan to visit the metropolis sometime in the spring. Anyway, having made my salutations I shall now proceed to waste more time drooling over your sartorial pictorial when I should be working. kind regards, Paul
    P.S. my mother (99!!) still has a 1930s gaberdine zip front utility jacket similar to your Macintosh one.

    • Paul, good to hear from you, buddy. Thanks for the kind comments. I’ll drop ye an email soon.

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