Closed End Zippers

The last of my charity shop zipper haul from the other day. These are closed ended, useful for short openings on skirts, or (more commonly for menswear) for pocket closures. These are all British, and all date from the 1940s or 50s. All the major British zipper brands except Lightning are represented – Aero, Dot, Flash and Tefas, along with the mysterious “Made in England” branded one last, below.

ClosedEndZipperHaul BlueAeroClosedEndZipper BrownAeroClosedEndZipper RedAeroClosedEndZipper BrownFlashClosedEndZipper BlueDotClosedEndZipper TefasClosedEndZipper PinkMadeInEnglandClosedEndZipper

  1. PortlandChic said:

    hey Baron! i discovered your blog in a roundabout way after happening on an old thread in the Fedora Lounge, 17 pgs all zippers. awesome stuff that… id honestly never thought much about the little doo dads before, or any other fasteners really, just took them all quite for granted. but what a history just on zips alone!
    which brings me to the point of my post: now ive discovered ZIPP zippers on a pair of vintage boots and the question is killing me- how long exactly did this company manage to hang on after the war was over? so much changed, so fast. i mean who’s ever even heard of ZIPPS today? besides all you vintage fastener afficionados i mean… and yet, they were once practically the top of the heap, for heaven sake even the NAMESAKE for that little thingy the whole world takes for granted today!
    this is fascinating stuff for sure- would love to learn more. definitely will never be able to see old zippers quite the same way from now on. who knew there was so much variety??
    amazing blog youve got here. luvvit 🙂

    • So far as I know ZIPP was a functional company well into the 1960s. Lightning (ICI) held a substantial stake in ZIPP at this time, and probably in the past, and the ZIPP brand sliders and stop boxes closely resemble British Lightning zippers of similar time periods.

      • PortlandChic said:

        oh, thanx for answering my question- now my curiosities piqued, i expect to be examining the fasteners in my vintage finds for a long time to come! old buttons have always been quite amazing to me, now i know the lowly zipper holds its own rich history and variety too 😉

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