1940s British Corduroy Jacket – Super Rare

I see these in catalogues and mentioned in tailoring journals from the 1940s, marketed for sports (spectator) purposes. They seem to me like the poor man’s alternative to the Harris Tweed sportscoat. This one is undated, but the style is exactly like a Harris Tweed jacket I have that’s dated 1943. This wide-wale corduroy jacket is extremely well made, with a relatively tightly spaced 3-button front, three flapped lower pockets (including a nice small ticket pocket) a breast pocket, and twin vents at the rear. It has certainly been worn, but not much at all. It’s lined in typical heavy viscose twill, and the armliners are standard suit-type striped brushed cotton. The buttons are standard British cheap plastic buttons of the day. There is a label in the interior breast pocket, but anything written on it is almost all worn away (see last picture). The bit under the seam allowance of the liner retains some pencil marks that are probably a name, but I can’t make it out.

I can see why the seller thought it was from the ’70s – the reason I got it so cheap! 😉 Anyone have any ideas why these corduroy sporting jackets are so rare when corduroy (especially French) work jackets are so plentiful? This stuff seems just as robust as the workwear-weight cord.

BritishCorduroyJacket1 BritishCorduroyJacket2 BritishCorduroyJacket3 BritishCorduroyJacket4 BritishCorduroyJacket5 BritishCorduroyJacket6 BritishCorduroyJacket7 BritishCorduroyJacket8


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