Charvet Print

It’s not often that the brand best known for making a piece of clothing becomes synonymous with that piece of clothing, independent of who made it. Stetson hats are a good example. Play a word association game, starting with “cowboy” and shortly after the jokes about bumming have stopped (calm down dear!), someone will mention Stetson.

For a short time in the middle 20th Century, ties made by the French bespoke shirtmaker Charvet were a similar cultural phenomenon. They’d become so associated with the bold colourful print neckties sold through their New York store to the rich folks of the East Coast that when those printed ties became popular in the 1940s, even the cheapest 25 cent tie with a bold print was referred to as a Charvet Print. This cultural cache hasn’t entirely disappeared and pretty much every man in the vintage tie scene will know generally what Charvet Print means.

I haven’t seen many actual Charvet print ties, and this one here is the first I’ve owned. It’s made of very light crepe silk and is very bold indeed. Maybe  it represents falling leaves?



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