Teens (?) Pre-Tied Necktie

Back in the days of stiff starched collars, neckties were notorious for ripping and tearing when adjusting the knot. There were many different attempts to deal with the issue, and one of them was to sell pre-tied ties. This example has a button on a shank on the back to attach to the collar closure buttonhole. The shank detaches from the back of the knot, you slot it though the various buttonholes as you would a collar stud, and reinsert into the back of the tie. This tie is Dutch, I think – the only place I can find reference to Wett. Cedep. seem to be Dutch websites. Maybe this is something to do with trademarks? The tie was made by Claudy, and features a very cute badger (who appears to be wearing a butler’s uniform) on the label. The seahorses are a very nice design in brocade silk.

TeensClaudySeahorsesTie1 TeensClaudySeahorsesTie2 TeensClaudySeahorsesTie3 TeensClaudySeahorsesTie4

  1. Hans said:

    It’s ‘Wett Gedep’. It means ‘wettelijk gedeponeerd’ or ‘legally registered’ … as in the trademark.

  2. Thanks, Hans. I had assumed it was something like that.

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