British Workwear Leather Jacket – 1930s A1

What an amazing jacket. The style has come to be known as “A-1”, after the American Air Corps jacket with that designation. But really, this is just a very practical workwear jacket with two large waist-level patch pockets. The leather is a heavy-ish lambskin (commonly referred to as capeskin) and surprisingly for a British jacket of this era is in fantastic condition, with just one scuff to one of the front pockets. It is aged nicely with a wonderful patina caused by rubbing and stretching at the “high” parts. The buttons are made of corozo in a lovely caramel-y orange colour that highlights the classic corozo ripple effect. The zipper is a work of art. A very old (30s) brass Lightning with folded metal slider and stopper box and U-shaped top stop teeth. It’s made by Ledux, a brand I haven’t heard of before. The only other thing I’ve seen from them was a very long motoring leather jacket of similar age to this one.

CivilianA1Leather1 CivilianA1Leather2 CivilianA1Leather3 CivilianA1Leather4 CivilianA1Leather5 CivilianA1Leather6 CivilianA1Leather7 CivilianA1Leather8 CivilianA1Leather9


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