Pre-1933 Jacket – Walter Horne & Co, Suva Fiji.

This is an odd fish. This jacket is very much 1930s British in style and construction, and was made in far off Fiji, for Walter Horne & Co. of Suva. The fabric is a fantastically soft flannel with 2 different variants on the chalk stripe. I found the notice of liquidation of this company posted in the November 25th 1933 edition of the Brisbane Courier Mail (see last image, below), so presumably that gives a latest possible date for the jacket. Through the Fedora Lounge I was in touch with a descendant of the family, who told me that there was a major family dispute in the 1930s, and going by the wording of the liquidation notice, that would seem to tally. Without an exact date, I am settled on a date of “early 1930s” on this jacket. This jacket has a most wonderful label … One of the best I’ve seen, I think.

WalterHorneSuvaFijiJacket1 WalterHorneSuvaFijiJacket2 WalterHorneSuvaFijiJacket3 WalterHorneSuvaFijiJacket4 WalterHorneSuvaFijiJacket5 WalterHorneSuvaFijiJacket6 WalterHorneSuvaFijiLiquidation


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