1924 Boating Blazer – Lilac!

What a wonderful colour for a boating blazer. A little faded across the shoulders but it fits!

I’m not sure whether Angels made this jacket, or whether they acquired it at some point later. It ended up in the costume collection of a small theatre somewhere in the sticks, from whom I bought it. The old-style date label stitched right onto the pink silk lining says: 20/11/24. There are a bunch of names scrawled onto the liner, and another label that looks like a costume department code (the BBC costume dept. use a very similar type of label). I hope the close-up of the button gives an indication of how fluffy this fabric is. Like a soft blanket cloth, the same type that original “Oxford Bags” were apparently made of.

LilacBoatingBlazer1 LilacBoatingBlazer2 LilacBoatingBlazer3 LilacBoatingBlazer9

Check out how high the interior breast pocket is placed.LilacBoatingBlazer4 LilacBoatingBlazer5 LilacBoatingBlazer6 LilacBoatingBlazer7 LilacBoatingBlazer8

I’m pretty sure these arm liners are replacements. Underneath, the arms are lined in the same material used for the pocketbags.LilacBoatingBlazer10


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