1950s British Leather – United Services Supply Co. Ltd, London

This is quite an interesting jacket dating probably to the middle 1950s. It bears an Aero zipper, with U-stops but a late type stopper box, probably dating the zipper to the middle 1950s. I’ve been hunting around for information on United Services Supply Co (Excellent label, no?) but can’t find much. It seems to have been some kind of Army/Navy surplus store that was incorporated in 1955, though may very well have been around before the incorporation date. I’m getting ready to sell this jacket; it’s about a size 40.

It’s cut is very much like an A2, though the pockets are obviously not the A2-type patch pockets, but slash handwarmer pockets. It’s made of either a heavy sheep hide, or light calf, in a wonderful russet brown. The collar is A2-ish, though it’s backed with a heavy flannel woollen material. The hem of the jacket features typical British knit elastic of the period, probably nylon, and the arm cuffs are snapped. The armpit ventilation grommets are attached in a strange pattern, with all 3 in a line behind the side seam on the rear panel. I wish it were smaller, as this would be my go-to jacket! The patina, especially on the arms, is to die for. I also particularly like the checked/tantan-ish cotton arm lining, which is also used for the pocketbags.

UnitedServicesLeatherJacket1 UnitedServicesLeatherJacket2 UnitedServicesLeather8 UnitedServicesLeatherJacket7 UnitedServicesLeatherJacket8 UnitedServicesLeatherJacket3 UnitedServicesLeatherJacket4 UnitedServicesLeatherJacket5 UnitedServicesLeather9 UnitedServicesLeatherJacket6


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