The Boys Shop – 1920s Knickerbocker Beltback Suit

The fabric on this suit is fantastic, caramel tweed with darker mini overcheck. Lovely caramel corozo buttons. It’s very small, probably made for a late teens boy – size 16 or 18 or so – by “The Boy’s Store. Wentworth. Emery, Bird, Meyer” of Kansas City. So, perfect size for us shortarses! The back features a half belt, with a shoulder yoke, and central inverted pleats for mobility. the patch pockets on the front of the jacket refer to this central pleat, and each feature a pleat of their own. The knickers are fully lined in lightweight linen.

BoysStoreBeltBackSuit1 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit2 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit3 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit4 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit5 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit6 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit7 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit8 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit10 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit9 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit11 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit12 BoysStoreBeltBackSuit13



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