More 20s Skinniness …

This time a suit. But still with the necessity for being tall and skinny for it to work. The jacket has a number of interesting features like the extremely backward sloping shoulder seams, complete lack of any shoulder padding, and the dart that runs from the hip pocket level in front right into the armhole. I haven’t seen such a dart very often. The trousers are quite generic, flat fronted, with not much interesting about them. The wide waistband and super skinny belt loops are nice.

Grey20sSuit1 Grey20sSuit2 Grey20sSuit4 Grey20sSuit3 Grey20sSuit5 Grey20sSuit6 Grey20sSuit8 Grey20sSuit7 Grey20sSuit9 Grey20sSuit10 Grey20sSuit11 Grey20sSuit12 Grey20sSuit13

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  1. Hans said:

    There is something more interesting than generic about the trousers. The buttonhole for the inner button on the fly runs into the seam of the waistband. Not only is it not common and rather interesting, it’s something different than the usual construction of a French fly tab running to the left side.

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