Ginger Tweed Sportscoat

This is one of the most gorgeous 1930s/40s tweed spotscoats I think I’ve ever owned. I wish it fit me! Sadly too big, so off for sale. It was made for Al Stein of Baltimore, MD, USA, and dates to the late 1930s or early 1940s. The herringbone weave tweed is ginger/orange in colour. Most of the buttons when I got it were replacements and mismatched. The one remaining one that seemed to be original was made of beautiful caramel-y orange corozo. so I sources a full set of corozo buttons in nearly the same colouration, and fitted them to the jacket. I also had to replace the sleeve liners, which were missing when I bought it. It also features working cuff buttons, and a relatively rare for the era centre vent to the bottom hem of the jacket rear. A truly awesome, and very rare indeed, vintage sportscoat.

GingerHBoneSportscoat2 GingerHBoneSportscoat1 GingerHBoneSportscoat3 GingerHBoneSportscoat4 GingerHBoneSportscoat5 GingerHBoneSportscoat6 GingerHBoneSportscoat7 GingerHBoneSportscoat8 GingerHBoneSportscoat9 GingerHBoneSportscoat10

  1. paul said:

    is this jacket for sale?

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