Moire Silk Tie – 1920s/early 30s

Moire, or watered, silk was used for neckties back in the day, but is certainly less frequently found than “normal” fabrics. You can see the watered effect on the tie below – it’s most obvious in the solid maroon parts – that was produced in the late 1920s or early ’30s. This pattern is typically produced by passing the silk through engraved copper rollers at high temperature and pressure (calendaring). It can also be produced by varying the tension of the warp and weft threads when the fabric’s being woven, but for the tie below I’d say it’s calendared fabric. The watered pattern is just too regular and repeated to be produced in the weaving. fabric woven in that way tends to have a highly irregular, random watered appearance. I have some ties made like this, and will post about them at some point. They (non-calendared moire ties) tended to be sold by only the very highest end makers.

CroffRedMoireStripeTie CroffRedMoireStripeTie2


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