Styled by Ronald Reagan!

I never thought I’d see something this awesome. A jacket that was a tie-in to the brief moment when Ronald “Ronnie” Reagan was a Warner Bros First National movie star. His first 15 minutes of fame was in the late 1930s, before his descent into B-movie oblivion and his later rambling and incoherent “Star Wars” Presidency. The zipper (Talon with sunburst stopper box) pretty solidly dates this jacket to the late 30s, along with the Gipper’s brief and dubious film fame of that era. For all the awful tweeness of the “designer” (like most movie stars of the era, Reagan was a whore who would put his name to anything someone gave him money to do so – cigarettes, booze, leather jackets etc.), the jacket is awesome. Very Western in feel, it was made by Californian Leather of “Washable Goatskin” whatever that might be. The leather’s in great condition, though the rayon liner’s pretty much shot. I have seen 2 other jackets with these labels, and they’re all very different in style, though clearly from around the same time. Ronnie “designed” a whole line of jackets!


ReaganLeatherJacket1 ReaganLeatherJacket2 ReaganLeatherJacket3 ReaganLeatherJacket4 ReaganLeatherJacket5 ReaganLeatherJacket6 ReaganLeatherJacket7 ReaganLeatherJacket9


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