Brown Stetson Whippet

Here’s a lovely Stetson from back when they made decent hats. It probably dates to the late 1940s or early 1950s. An excellent shade of brown that works with pretty much any colour and shade of suit. the Whippet was one of those very popular models of hat with brim and crown dimensions that worked for most men. It is still a very popular hat amongst the vintage hat crowd, and Whippets regularly fetch the outlandish prices on eBay. This one has a great contrasting ribbon and wide edge binding that was the mark of the Whippet. Someone who owned this hat before me creased it in a very … errr … unique crease with the tight pinch at the front and diamond crown crease. from the front, it reminds me of a seagull’s bill.

BrownStetsonWhippet1 BrownStetsonWhippet2 BrownStetsonWhippet3 BrownStetsonWhippet4 BrownStetsonWhippet5 BrownStetsonWhippet6 BrownStetsonWhippet7 BrownStetsonWhippet8 BrownStetsonWhippet9


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