Pre-war Borsalino Fedora

Borsalino really were a wonderful hatmaker back in the day. Vintage examples from the 50s and earlier consistently have the best feeling felt of any I come across … This one was sold in France, and the daughter of the original purchaser told me that he’d bought it in 1938, before leaving France early in 1939, never to return. The British size label is odd, given that the hat was sold in Paris and has European sizing on the inside label (last pic). The centre of the crown liner has some very thin oilcloth that was to protect the top from hair grease. The wind trolley (which you would tie to your lapel buttonhole in high wind to prevent it flying away) is a nice touch not often seen on European hats, being a rather American affectation. The owners initials stamped on the sweatband is a very European feature.

1938Borsalino1 1938Borsalino2 1938Borsalino4 1938Borsalino3 1938Borsalino6 1938Borsalino5 1938Borsalino7 1938Borsalino8 1938Borsalino9


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