Chas. Macintosh Weathercoat

It’s not very often any more that I’m blown away by a vintage find. But this is truly something I thought I’d never find. I’ve been drooling over this type of European golf/sporting jacket in catalogues (see pics below) for years, but I’ve never seen one for sale, let alone owned one. I’ve owned, and seen in other people’s collections, a bunch of 1930s leather or suede versions, but never one in a cloth fabric. I don’t know any other vintage collectors (and I know a few!) who have seen one.

This one was made by the Chas Macintosh Co. Charles Macintosh (for whom the Mackintosh coat is named) was a Scottish inventor who invented waterproof fabrics made of India Rubber using a patented process. This jacket made of the original fabric! It is reversible, with one side being a lighter shade of cream than the other. Both sides feature 2 patch pockets, and the front Lightning zipper is an awesome example of 1930 zipper technology. The folded metal slider and stopper box are wonders of light engineering.


ChasMacintoshGolfJacket1 ChasMacintoshGolfJacket2 ChasMacintoshGolfJacket3 ChasMacintoshGolfJacket7 ChasMacintoshGolfJacket6 ChasMacintoshGolfJacket4 ChasMacintoshGolfJacket5

These Bukta catalogues from 1939 feature golfing jackets of very similar design and description. made of Bux-Gab or “Air-light Buxsylk”.

Bux-Gab1 Bux-Gab2

And this catalogue from the Houndsditch Warehouse Co. of 1938 has a similar jacket in waterproof fabric. “Made of rainproof suedette that has a soft velour finish”. “Designed with full-length “Lightning” zip fastener and elasticated waist and cuffs.”

HoundsditchWarehouse1938Cover HoundsditchWarehouse1938Rainproof

And not restricted to Britain, on left below here’s a similar (though different) jacket marketed for cyclists in a 1936 catalogue from France.

FrancaisedArmesEtCycles1936Cover FrancaisedArmesEtCycles1936EnsemblesPourCycliste




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