Brocade Butterflies and … Seals (?)

A couple more brocade ties from my collection. Nature was a hugely popular theme for ties, probably due to the endless different patterns that could be generated for tie silk. This kind of tie makes you wonder just what happened to menswear in the succeeding years. These were not by any means flamboyant ties. These would have been quite normal for the early (seals) to middle (butterflies) 1930s. After the early 1950s (despite the slight peacock revolution of the late 60s and early 70s) men became so much more conservative in dress, and that awful conservatism drags us down to this day. Grey suit, baby blue shirt, pink tie – BORING. I blame the business community with their strictly controlled “fitting in” uniform. You must not appear to be an individual. Conform, conform, conform.

These ties are anything but boring. The first one, from the middle-late 1930s features a brocade pattern of butterflies on the wing, by Regal. The second, also brocade, for a long time I’ve thought was flying birds, but when preparing the picture this morning, I have the impression it might be seals nosing balls underwater. Un-named and from the late 1920s or early 1930s. Both are American, of course.


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