Aero Club Cap #1

I heart Paris. I went to Paris to buy a Canadienne (Well, to meet up with family, too, but the Candienne was the real reason ;-)). I managed both, and came away with the oldest Canadienne in town – see future post. We also went to Vide Grenier Retro Vintage (vintage fair), and I found a couple of deadstock caps, one of which is below. The folks at the Vide Grenier were very friendly and welcoming. Though the vintage community in Paris seems small, they are a nice bunch!

One of the deadstock 20s/30s caps, Aero Club brand. An astonishing fabric, more like a fabric you’d expect of the 50s, and a very strange design with pronounced seams on the crown top. Brilliant!

  1. Marc Chevalier said:

    55 cm, eh? That’s nearly a U.S. size 7. Pete, if you ever decide to sell this, I’d pay a top price for it.

  2. ‘Tis marked as 56cm (so yes, US 7), and fits like it. Sorry, I think this one’s a keeper, though …

  3. Marc Chevalier said:

    Can’t blame you.

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