One of the fedora models that for whatever reason have become intensely collectable, with large sized examples realising astonishing prices. This Stetson Whippet dates from the middle-late 1940s. These hats have broadly flattering dimensions, with medium height crown and medium width brim, which probably adds to their allure. Broadly, though, it would seem that Stetson’s marketing strategies from the 1940s-50s are still affecting buyers today!

The various sweatband markings and stamps.

The box.

  1. Mario said:

    Ah! The Whippet craze! Again! While the Whippet is a really nice hat it never ceases to amaze me what prices some of them fetch on the market these days. Some sellers on the ‘Bay will offer Whippets at a starting prices of $400 or more…

    Ah, dang. This really gets me going every time…

    Sweet hat, though. ;O)

  2. Those Whippet boxes are cool, yes. I’ve never come across one. Seen plenty on eBay, though.

    Prices are high – Good for those of us with a few to sell!!

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